About CCTV Parts Plus

Count On Us For First-Class Products, Sales, Installation, and Service.

When we make the bold statement that we’re a true one-stop shop for all things CCTV, we absolutely mean it. Whether you’re installing a home surveillance camera or in the market for a new phone system and configuration at your small business, we’ve got you covered.

Installing equipment or taking on a DIY project can be intimidating and meticulous. What do you need? Where do you start? We’ve got your covered from the start of your project to the finish. Our experienced and knowledgeable team take pride in educating our customers so they feel confident in the decisions and purchases they’re making.

Our unique hands-on Tampa showroom lets you test drive installed products before making any commitments. At our showroom, you can spend time trying different equipment options, learn about installation techniques, and see which products most appeal to you.

There’s no rush when you’re at CCTV Parts Plus! We’ll spend the time with you to get to know your project, equipment needs, and budget. We’ll work together to create a plan that will move your project from action to execution.

CCTV Parts Plus guarantees competitive CCTV equipment pricing, paramount expertise,and first-class customer service.


Here Are Some Of The Many Services We Offer

Security and surveillance cameras • Alarm systems • Digital video recorders (DVRs)

Surround sound theater equipment • IT support • CCTV installation equipment

TV wall mounts • Power supplies and cables • Data networking support and configuration
(personal and business)

Together, we’ll get the job done right! CCTV Parts Plus is your partner for any closed circuit television (CCTV) project. We’re the resident right-hand man for industry technicians, businesses, and do-it-yourselfers in the Tampa Bay Area.

We seriously love our job, that's why we do it and it shows!

Visit our store and showroom on Monday - Friday 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m and Saturday 10am-2pm located at 5008 W. Linebaugh Ave. #38. Tampa, FL 33624. You can always give CCTV Parts Plus a call at 813-501-7278.